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happy luggage


only 3min walk from Nyugati Train Station  & 5min from Oktogon Square

drop & feel light

Budapest's most funky place to
store your stuff for a joyful day!
  • locked storage
  • WiFi & print service
  • luggage scale
  • bus, cruise & Spa tickets
  • airport transfer service
  • bathroom & shower
  • 80's pinball machines
  • free coffee, tea, water
  • comfy seating area
luggage & transfer

happy luggage price list*

*free of charge for guests of happy home Budapest


same day

drop & collect

small size

handcase, small backpack max 5kg


next day collection

daily price



cabin size

max 23/40/55 max 15kg




check-in size

max 80/120/120 max 32kg



​Drop & collect anytime between 09h00 and 17h30
(no reservation required)


latest luggage pick-up 17h30, closing time!

No worries!

Feel free and light -

your luggage is safely stored

in a locked room at our office.

Our staff watch over your

luggage at all times.

Secure storage

We can organize your transfer
to and from the airport
at 35€ one-way
(max 4 people per car)

Airport Transfer


Not only for kids!

We have a couple of original

80's Pinball Machines.

Feel free to play -

we won't charge you a penny.

Have fun!

WiFi & Print



Enjoy Hi-Speed Internet

and have our staff

print out your Boarding Pass

or anything else you need.



Buy your tickets at no extra charge:

Sightseeing Bus

River Cruise

Budapest Thermal Baths



we're happy to offer our customers

a free bottle of water,

coffee or tea.

Luggage Scale

Refresh with a nice shower!

We provide a clean space,

towels, hairdryer, shampoo.

Fee per person: 10€

(free for happy home Budapest guests)


Check the weight of your

luggage using our

handy luggage scale

to make sure you stay

within airline limitations


Chill out!

Relax in comfort in our trendy air  conditioned space while waiting for your

check-in or transfer - or just for fun!

pinball png.png
Apartments & Services

Pinball fun - play for free!

Our luggage storage is a funky place -

it comes with a few classic 80's pinball

machines, and an original 60's Jukebox.

We're happy to see our

visitors enjoy a few games.

For example, book your transfer to the

airport with us, pick up your luggage

a bit earlier, and play original pinball

while you wait for departure!

In loving memory

Dad used to run his own little business of

Pinball Machines and Arcade games,

back in the 1980's and 90's,

in our beloved home region,

in the East of Belgium.

It is in his memory that I bought a few classic Pinball Machines for happy office - helping fulfill our mission to make others happy, celebrating Dad's legacy, and

keeping him around just a bit longer.

Bjorn, owner of happy luggage Budapest.

Dad & Lion.jpg

Henri Brandt

Check out our pinball machines:

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner
Image by Lucas Davies
Image by Olivier Clur
It is our declared Mission
“to make every guest happy and
to create moments of joy,
providing unique products, outstanding services,
and caring for every visitor, partner, staff,
and everyone around.”
Bjorn Brandt.jpg
Bjorn, owner & creator,
inspired by...
babayasin_Hand_cursor (2).png
This handsome young man wrote, imho, the
Charlie Chaplin
"Smile" from the soundtrack of
Charlie Chaplin's 1936 movie Modern Times
P.T. Barnum.jpg
P.T. Barnum
as seen in the  2017 Musical
"The Greatest Showman" with H. Jackman
the noblest art.JPG
In The City
Image by Cristian Escobar
Image by Zac Durant
happy home
Best PNG Logo cut in Gimp.png

Check out our apartments - lots of free & fun stuff

and one mission:

to make you happy.

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